Everyone on the planet has PROBLEMS. The thing is, most don’t know that there are GOOD PROBLEMS as well as BAD PROBLEMS.

The way I see it, if you MUST have problems, you should try to have good ones!  That is where I find myself these days. I have the problem of having a lot of things to do.

Yesterday was Father’s Day. I taught two lessons, then took the afternoon off to spend with my family. Just the afternoon, because by 8:30, I was in a studio laying a track down for singer/songwriter, Aaron Barnhart.

This week I’ve got events to perform at (with the Paris Escovedo Project), including a tv show taping and a cancer benefit. The shows are messing with my teaching schedule something fierce! I also have to continue auditioning bass players for my band, The Virginia City Revival. We were going to meet on Wednesday, but I am going to Ojai with the family for a much needed break.

You see, I work everyday!

I’m not complaining. In fact I am so happy to be so busy these days. It hasn’t always been this way. I’ve simply found that the dream of being a professional musician also carries the problem of having no time available for last minute scheduling changes.

But, this is a GOOD PROBLEM!

More please!